“After knowing Jude Anderson for 8 years and hearing she was becoming a marriage celebrant, Cam & I knew we wanted her for our wedding day. As expected, she was simply fantastic! In the preparation stages, Jude thought of things we hadn’t even considered and took great care in ensuring the ceremony was exactly as we wanted. On the day, Jude presented beautifully and calmed our nerves with such warmth and professionalism. We felt very comfortable in her hands. Our ceremony was so wonderful.”

– Cameron & Natalie

‘Thank you for all your help in preparing such a wonderful day. We had the best time, everything was just as we imagined. Your calm approach got me through my vows without tears!! Thank you!”

– Leanne and Scott

“In organising and officiating at my marriage vow renewal, Jude was a consummate professional. I was amazed at how quickly she grasped the history and essence of the relationship, how well she rendered this into a script and how beautifully she orchestrated the event. And all this under complete secrecy! Everyone present was impressed. Get Jude on your team and you’re in for a very happy experience.”

– Fonnie and Paul

Thank you so much for being our wedding celebrant. You were such an amazing part of our day and made both Craig and I so happy, comfortable and very reassured that the wedding ceremony would be conducted professionally and with sincerity.

Both Craig and I thought that the service you delivered was fantastic and we have had such a wonderful feedback from many family and friends who were in attendance.

It was an absolute pleasure to have shared this wonderful moment with you.

We will definitely be recommending you to many other couples in the future. Getting to know you was lovely and hope to catch up time to time for chats and coffee in the future.

Craig and Illiana

I have been carrying your business card in my purse for two weeks, wanting to write to you to express our sincere appreciation for the wonderful marriage ceremony which you conducted. We have received many emails and phone calls from the friends and family who attended the ceremony. Almost without exception, they have commented on how personal and heartfelt it was, and we owe this to your sensitivity and personal interest in Becky and Justyn. Incredibly, two weeks have passed since the Wedding Weekend, and there is now just one overseas visitor to return home. Justyn told me last night at dinner that "it was a happy day, from start to finish", and what more could a young couple hope for than a happy start to a long, and happy marriage? Many, many thanks for your pivotal contribution to this - we are deeply grateful.

Caroline (Mother of the Bride)

Mark and I had the best wedding day - due in no small part to our lovely ceremony. It was perfect! And we had so many people comment on how wonderful it was... thoughtful, funny, all the things it should be! I thought I'd be quite nervous when I arrived - I knew everything was well organised but thought I'd be a bit antsy. But it was so nice having a friendly face up the front (as well as Mark's of course!) and I was totally at ease.

Jude thanks so much for making our wedding so special - it was truly wonderful. Mark and I loved every second of it, and were ready to do it all again the next day!

Krista & Mark

Thanks again for your beautiful ceremony, Andy and I have both concluded that in all of our organising you were definitely the easiest most enjoyable person to work with. To our surprise putting together and participating in the ceremony was a truly beautiful experience and definitely the highlight of the day for us.

I think for me, meeting you for the rehearsal was a lovely reminder that the day was actually all about the vows that Andy and I were making and it really didn't matter who sat where or whether it was sunny or raining or any other of the thousands of details that spring up, just as long as we were married by the end of it all. And even though the video shows that it was actually quite windy, at the time to Andy and I it seemed perfectly calm and peaceful. Funny! So thanks again for being so wonderful on the day and during the months leading up to it, I am sure it wouldn't have been so special without you.

I have attached as many pictures as the email will let me but am happy to send through some more if you would like me to. We also have some gorgeous video footage of you in the rain before the ceremony, which is so lovely to watch in hindsight knowing that in just moments time the clouds part, and the ceremony takes place under a sunny sky. Thanks again Jude, love

Meg, Andy & Maisy

The wedding went fantastically well. You did such a tremendous job!! We were thrilled with how well you conveyed our feelings for each other. I have to say that you are a marvellous speaker!! What we loved the best was how well you conveyed the insider jokes in how we met. You have the most amazing voice: it was so soothing and encouraging. You definitely put all of our nerves at ease!!

All of our guests later told us that they really enjoyed listening to you. You helped the ceremony run so smoothly and we are eternally grateful!! Married life is treating us well and things seem to be on track. Family is back home and we have finally been able to set into a comfortable routine again!! Justyn's job hunt is a slow laborious process but this is just how it goes; all immigrant couples have to start somewhere and just as you said in our ceremony: many have done so and many have succeeded. It is an encouraging thought!

Rebecca & Justyn