Thanks again for your beautiful ceremony, Andy and I have both concluded that in all of our organising you were definitely the easiest most enjoyable person to work with. To our surprise putting together and participating in the ceremony was a truly beautiful experience and definitely the highlight of the day for us.

I think for me, meeting you for the rehearsal was a lovely reminder that the day was actually all about the vows that Andy and I were making and it really didn’t matter who sat where or whether it was sunny or raining or any other of the thousands of details that spring up, just as long as we were married by the end of it all. And even though the video shows that it was actually quite windy, at the time to Andy and I it seemed perfectly calm and peaceful. Funny! So thanks again for being so wonderful on the day and during the months leading up to it, I am sure it wouldn’t have been so special without you.

I have attached as many pictures as the email will let me but am happy to send through some more if you would like me to. We also have some gorgeous video footage of you in the rain before the ceremony, which is so lovely to watch in hindsight knowing that in just moments time the clouds part, and the ceremony takes place under a sunny sky. Thanks again Jude, love

Meg, Andy & Maisy

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