The wedding went fantastically well. You did such a tremendous job!! We were thrilled with how well you conveyed our feelings for each other. I have to say that you are a marvellous speaker!! What we loved the best was how well you conveyed the insider jokes in how we met. You have the most amazing voice: it was so soothing and encouraging. You definitely put all of our nerves at ease!!

All of our guests later told us that they really enjoyed listening to you. You helped the ceremony run so smoothly and we are eternally grateful!! Married life is treating us well and things seem to be on track. Family is back home and we have finally been able to set into a comfortable routine again!! Justyn’s job hunt is a slow laborious process but this is just how it goes; all immigrant couples have to start somewhere and just as you said in our ceremony: many have done so and many have succeeded. It is an encouraging thought!

Kind Regards & Many Thanks,

Rebecca & Justyn

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